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Rhode Island is the ideal location in which to locate your business.

Rhode Island is in the middle of a $4.11 trillion economic corridor represented by the Northeast United States region, centrally located between New York and Boston. Rhode Island is one day ground shipping from 60 million households. If it were a separate country, this region would represent “5th highest GDP in the world”. Rhode Island presents a nexus of air, ocean, rail, and road logistics (Quonset is USA’s 6th best Industrial Park and the only one named in the top ten in New England) with a talented and motivated workforce, and a supportive business climate.

Rhode Island is densely populated (#1 in college student density in the nation) with a skilled workforce and flexible training programs. We have award-winning food, arts & entertainment, and outdoor scenery (Providence is in the top ten capital cities for quality of life and Rhode Island has been named as BrandUSA’s 2023 Best Kept Secret ). During the pandemic, the state was consistently on the top of Moody’s Back to Normal Index and did not shut down manufacturing during the pandemic. Targeted growth sectors represent excellent investment opportunities in the state, including Life Sciences, Renewable Energy, Food & Agriculture, Defense, Advanced Manufacturing, Advanced Business Services including Financial Services, and Smart Technologies/Digital Transformation.

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How to Find Locations or Expand Your Business

The Rhode Island Commerce Business Development team can assist with all your site selection criteria, U.S. expansion or relocation needs.

The Rhode Island Foreign Trade Zone

Since all of Rhode Island is a FTZ, companies can take advantage of the numerous benefits in this designated area.

Innovation Support

Find resources for venture capital plus incubators and accelerators.

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The marketing of your business in the US is similar to marketing a business anywhere in the world.

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Get help with guidance from private-sector experts, licensed customs brokers, attorneys, freight forwarders, and more.

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