Rhode Island has a wealth of private and governmental partnerships, venture capital, accelerator, and incubator organizations all willing to collaborate with companies within every phase of their growth.

Innovation in Rhode Island

We are home to a multitude of innovative, well-managed office, co-working, and corporate event spaces to support a company's development and growth with collaborators able to assist.

Accelerators & Incubators

We provide assistance with high potential growth start ups. This includes companies that have the potential and seek to scale and expand.


The Harvard Business review defines Accelerators as supporting early-stage, growth-driven companies through education, mentorship, and financing. A startup enters an Accelerator program for a fixed-period of time, and usually as part of a cohort. The accelerator experience is a process of intense, rapid, and immersive education aimed at accelerating the life cycle of innovative companies, compressing years’ worth of learning-by-doing into just a few months. One example is:


Incubators help entrepreneurs solve problems commonly associated with running a startup by providing workspace, seed funding, mentoring, and training. Their sole purpose is to help entrepreneurs grow their business with everything from business basics and etiquette to commercialization and venture capital direction. Here are some of Rhode Island's Incubators:

Venture Capital

When you enter the US market, your needs are very different from US companies setting up business. It’s important to understand and work with Venture Capital firms that are eager to work with or advise new companies entering the U.S. market. Venture Capital funds don’t invest the money of their own partners, but that of limited partners such as pension funds, public venture funds, endowments, hedge funds, etc. General partners might invest some of their own money through the fund, but this tends to account for only 1% of the size of the fund.

Venture capital firms are a type of investment firm that fund and mentor startups or other young, often tech-focused companies. Similar to private equity (PE) firms, VC firms use capital raised from limited partners to invest in promising private companies.

Here are a few of Rhode Island’s reputable firms:

Innovative co-working spaces:

BioSci Labs

BioSci Labs is a community where science, life and business mix to produce great products and services for economic growth. BioSci Labs offers co-working space, a STEAM/Medtech Incubator, lab services, and space for clean manufacturing and warehousing.

CIC Providence

A month-to month flexible office plan easily adaptable to your own needs, CIC Providence is located in the heart of the 195 downtown district. Ideal space for a single employee or large person teams we work to make the space align with your needs.

District Hall

District Hall Providence partners with companies and organizations that are evolving business, education, technology, social justice, science and the arts within Providence and beyond.

Innovate Newport

Innovate Newport offers dynamic work spaces that fuel productivity; provides programming that ignites collaboration; and networking aimed at helping your business grow. They offer open workspaces, private offices, dedicated desks, and frequent events.

The Hive

The "Bee Hive" is not a traditional co-working space but so much more. Individuals come together to enhance themselves by collaborating with others in a culturally diverse professional collaborative.

Spire Space

Spire Space offers daily passes, shared space or meeting rooms. They offer enterprise level wi-fi, printing/fax stations, free parking, and all the free coffee you need. This is a shared working space for entrepreneurs, small business, remote workers, and freelancers.

Sprout Coworking

Sprout Coworking has two convenient locations in Providence and Warren, and offers flexible work space, dedicated desks, a local address, shared & private offices, and eight meeting rooms in an innovative and creative environment.

Westwey Club

Westwey Club, a creative coworking community for entrepreneurs, startup companies, advocacy groups, trade associations and remote professionals in the center of downtown Providence.