Programs for Finding & Hiring Talent

The Rhode Island Department of Labor & Training maintains two principal programs for hiring talent in Rhode Island, along with resources regarding the necessities of hiring and paying employees in Rhode Island.

Real Jobs RI

Real Jobs RI has a mission to accelerate hiring and develop the demand for talent. This program grows business-led partnerships that build workforce solutions to address unique workforce challenges. Real Jobs RI is a win/win because companies get the talent they need to compete globally and grow locally, and Rhode Islanders get opportunities to thrive in a flourishing economy.

Employ RI

Employ RI is a marketplace that lists thousands of open positions in Rhode Island, and resources for childcare, insurance, training programs, and job fairs.

RI Business Incentives

Rhode Island offers incentives, credits, and grants that can help your business in a host of ways. To make sure companies understand and take advantage of these incentives, the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation Business Development team works one-on-one with you to design the right tax approach.

Business Incentive E-Book

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