About Foreign Trade Zones

The entire State of Rhode Island is designated as a foreign trade zone (FTZ), a specially-designated area in or adjacent to a U.S. Customs port of entry, that is considered “outside” the customs territory of the United States.

We offer guidance from private-sector experts, licensed customs brokers, attorneys, freight forwarders, and more.
Operating your company's international trade within a FTZ is beneficial. Learn more about the benefits by contacting us, or downloading an overview.

Importing into the U.S.

With a strong understanding of U.S. import laws, duties, regulations, restrictions, and the importing process, the World Trade Center Providence can assist you in obtaining the right guidance from private-sector experts, licensed customs brokers, attorneys and freight forwarders, who specialize in importing.

U.S. Bureau of Customs and Border Protection also provides an excellent publication titled, Importing Into the U.S., A Guide for Commercial Importers. This document covers the entry process, invoice requirements, duty assessment and much more. It also provides information on items that may require licenses or permits, such as, food products, plant, animal, dairy, prescription medications, trademarked articles such as name-brand shoes, handbags, luggage, golf clubs, toys, etc. and copyrighted material such as CDs, DVDs and tapes.

Logistics, Customs Brokers, and Warehousing

Rhode Island is strategically located in the heart of the Northeast Corridor, and is home to a host of warehouses that regularly handle a wide range of distribution services. Within one day, Ground Shipping can reach over 60 million people, including: pick and pack, assembly and kitting, inspections, and return goods processing. All the warehouses we work with meet RI’s warehousing requirements.

A logistics solutions expert can easily assist you with air imports, air exports, ocean imports, ocean exports, border crossings, NVOCC and 3PL consultation services. If you do not already have logistics in place, the World Trade Center Providence can help.

A licensed customs broker can assist with bringing goods into the United States. US customs brokers ensure that shipments are handled with great care and personalized attention. Service offerings include classification and valuation, tariff management, ISF filings, regulatory compliance consultations, marine insurance, cargo insurance, bonds, 3PL, drawback and foreign trade zones.

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Fulfillment Center in USA

A fulfillment house receives goods, manages inventory, processes orders, and provides other sales, marketing, and distribution support services. It ensures quick and accurate delivery, and it follows up with end-users and monitors their satisfaction. Some fulfillment centers help with customs clearance; process credit cards, offer toll-free customer support lines, return services, and inventory tracking. Other services could include but are not limited to: online & electronic data interchange, (EDI), order processing, order picking, packing and kitting, extensive data management, e-commerce and wholesale support solutions, customer service, return processing, and other third-party logistics, (3PL), as well as support services for B2B and business-to-consumer, (B2C), clients.